Rick Hearn's Paintings of Wildlife

Representational Paintings

[Humpback Breaching, acrylic on stretched canvas]
Humpback Breaching, acrylic on stretched canvas
Canadian Goose In The Sky, powdered pigment, silverpointe on gessoed museum board
Giclee print of turtle painting
[Swan Song]
Swan Song
[Hummingbird Flight - acrylic]
Hummingbird Flight - acrylic
Heron Down in the Swamp, acrylic on panel
[Egret Rising - acrylic]
Egret Rising - acrylic
[Flight, acrylic]
Heron Flight, acrylic
Hummingbird painting, acrylic on canvas
Coming in for a Landing, acrylic on canvas
[Visionary Drawing 39]
[1940 Ford Sedan Deluxe]
Rick's 1940 Ford Sedan Deluxe