Rick Hearn's Visionary Work

Rick Hearn's Visionary Drawings

[In the Circle of Life]
In the Circle of Life
[Ganesha Dreams]
Ganesha Dreams - click to see progression and details
[Three birds of a feather]
Three Birds of a Feather
In the House of the Moon, click for details
[Where have all the birds gone?]
Where have all the birds gone?
Vermont Cow, graphite on paper. This was Rick's submission for the new 25 cent quarter competition.
Ode to a great American institution, the Mount Royal, graphite, colored pencil
Infinity Triptych, click for detail
[Old Tree]
Old Tree
[Water Nymph]
Water Nymph
[Water Nymph detail]
Water Nymph detail
Clown Leaf, graphite on gessoed museum board
[We are all connected]
We are all connected
[You can't eat money]
You can't eat money
[In the land my grandfathers voice can be heard]
In the land my grandfathers voice can be heard
[Fall Spirit Song]
Fall Spirit Song
[Leaf Friends, 2-inch drawing]
Leaf Friends, 2-inch drawing
House of Infinity Rebirth, graphite, watercolor, silverpointe, on gessoed museum board
[Visionary Drawing 43]
Self Portrait in a Butterfly Wing
Triptych of Prayer Rising, charcoal dust, graphite, silverpointe on gessoed museum board
Emerging for Spring (Finally) image size 2 3/4 x 3 3/4 silverpoint, powered pigment dust, mica on gessoed museum board
Winged Detail, powdered pigment, silverpointe, graphite
Birth of Planet Graphitopia, graphite on paper
Click on to see short vidoe of New drawing, in process: Birth of Planet Graphitopia, graphite on paper
Cosmic Potato - work in progress
Click to see Video of Magic Potato drawing
[Winged detail]
Winged detail, powered pigment, silver pointe, on museum board
Eremic, graphite drawing
Birthplace drawing, conte, graphite, charcoal dust on paper
The Whale Who Dreamed He Was An Artist - graphite, conte, silverpointe, powdered pigment
My Dog In Heaven

Rick Hearn's Visionary Paintings

[The Grand Staircase at the Paris Opera]
The Grand Staircase at the Paris Opera, Acrylic on panel
[Women of Power]
Women of Power, Acrylic on canvas
[Heron Flight]
Heron Flight, acrylic on canvas
[Walt Whitman]
Walt Whitman, acrylic, about 54 inches square on muslin mounted on heavy card board.
[Visionary Drawing 42]
Wings to Fly
[Gathering Two]
Gathering Two
[Sacred Earth]
Sacred Earth
[Visionary Drawing 35]
Peaking Out; acrylic on panel
[Visionary Drawing 36]
Untitled Now; acrylic on panel
[Visionary Drawing 44]
The Dream, it's based on Rousseau's painting The Dream that I looked at a lot in my early years; acrylic on panel
Spirit Tree